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          Boneless Turkey Crowns - English Leg of Pork

                                      Leg of Lamb

                         Boned, rolled, can be stuffed

                                    ‘Pigs in Blankets’

             Local Farm Fresh Turkeys – All sizes 6-25lb

                    Large Fresh Chickens up to 12lb

                       Try our Bird in a Bird in a Bird

   Turkey, Duck & Chicken, all boned, rolled & tied together 

                           with your choice of stuffing

                           Or try a 4th with a Pheasant

                            Very special and delicious

10lb ‘AA’ Turkey or Chicken 8lb Turkey Crown
Fresh Frozen or 8lb Turkey Crown or 10lb Fresh Frozen Turkey
2lb Rump Steak or Chicken
4lb Leg of Pork 2 1/2lb Topside
3lb Beef 3lb Gammon Joint
2lb Back Bacon 3lb Leg of Pork
2lb Sausages or Chipolatas 2lb Rump Steak
Total Weight 23lb (10.43kg) You Pay Only £69.00
You Pay Only £75.00
10lb Turkey Crown 10lb Turkey Crown
4lb Gammon Joint or 15lb Fresh Frozen Turkey
3lb Topside Joint 4lb Leg of Pork
4lb Leg of Pork 3lb Topside
1lb Bacon 4lb Leg of Lamb
Tray of Pigs in Blankets 2lb Rump Steak
You Pay Only £79.00 6 Pork Chops
Total Weight 31lb (14.06kg)
You Pay Only £95.00
3lb Leg of Pork
3lb Leg of lamb
3lb Scotch Topside
3lb Gammon Joint
2lb Homemade Sausages
2lb Homemade Chipolatas
1lb Homemade Sausage Meat
2lb Prime Back Bacon
1lb Streaky Bacon
2lb Rump Steak
1lb Gammon Steak
8lb Turkey Crowns or 9-10lb Large Turkey or Chicken
You Pay Only £98.00

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