Xmas Pack


Boneless Turkey Crowns – English Leg of Pork

Leg of Lamb

Boned, rolled, can be stuffed

‘Pigs in Blankets’

Local Farm Fresh Turkeys – All sizes 6-25lb

Large Fresh Chickens up to 12lb

Try our Bird in a Bird in a Bird

Turkey, Duck & Chicken, all boned, rolled & tied together

with your choice of stuffing

Or try a 4th with a Pheasant

Very special and delicious

3LB Leg Pork

3LB Leg Lamb

3LB Beef Joint

3LB Gammon

2LB Sausages

2LB Chips

1LB Sausage Meat

2LB Back Bacon

1LB Streaky Bacon

2LB Rump Steak

1LB Gammon Steak

8LB Turkey Crow

You Pay Only £110.00

4LB Leg Pork

3LB Beef Joint

4LB Leg Lamb

2LB Rump Steak

6x Pork Steaks

10LB Turkey Crown

You Pay Only £95.00

10LB Turkey Crown

2LB Rump Steak

4LB Leg of Pork

3LB Beef Joint

2LB Chipotata Sausage

You Pay Only £79.00

8LB Turkey Crown

2 1/2 Beef Joint

3LB Gammon Joint

3LB Leg of pork

2LB Rump Steak

You Pay Only £69.00

10 LB Turkey Crown

4LB Gammon Joint

3LB Top Side

4LB Leg of Pork

1LB Pig in Blanket

You Pay Only £83.00

We also Cater Gluten FREE Product Too

Sausage and Burger